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      Company profile

          Taizhou Century Mould CO.,LTD. Located at the nation's largest mould huangyan, zhejiang, the location convenient transportation, communication is convenient, is the ideal trade negotiation land. The company specialized in manufacturing mold: packing-commodities-car parts-fitting-household electrical appliances. Sold throughout the country and exported to the Middle East and other countries and regions. 。
          The company covers an area of 6666 square meters, the fixed asset 15 million, advanced processing technology and imported equipment, from raw materials to finished products manufacturing one-time start, we with the excellent good technical team, perfect after-sales service, complete manufacturing specifications, reasonable price a letter at the user's praise 。
          Taizhou Century Mould CO.,LTD. is China's excellent mould manufacturing committee member unit, in the design of the product development and performance improvement has great potential. Our company tenet of "quality first, reputation first, customer first". In the fierce market competition, the company adhering to the "quality first, the customer is supreme, the good faith is the" business philosophy and "remember the tough business, excitation figure century brilliance" enterprise slogan, advancing with The Times, carefully makes with the market demand for high quality products 。

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